Active Directory Domain Controller 2019 Deployment (Step-By-Step) – Part1

Microsoft Active Directory Deployment Guide (Step By Step)


This guide will provide step-by-step deployment guide for Microsoft Active Directory Domain controller along with DNS services. however, we are deploying Microsoft directory services in LAB environment so in a production environment we recommend it to consult with Microsoft professional services or  Microsoft service provider consultants.

Microsoft recommended System Requirements :


After installation of windows server 2019, I recommend it to update patches and AV to protect OS from viruses/malware.

Lab overview

Software Requirements

It requires windows server installation media on CD or ISO file.  

Hardware Requirement

followings are the minimum hardware requirements for DC 2019

CPU: 2 Core (Minimum)
Storage: 100 GB
Network: 1 Network Adapter with static IP Address
On Deployment Configuration Page

Select New Forest

Root Domain Name: msvlab.local

On Domain Controller Options 

Change functional level if you want to change functional level in my case I will proceed with default select and enter password for DSRM.

On additional options press Next

On addition option enter net bios name : msvlab

On the path, option

Change Path (Database/Logs) location as per your requirement, or simple press next for default settings.

On prerequisites Check page

Please correct if any error occurred and press Install to domain controller

Explore Active Directory Domain Controller by Navigating to server Manager and select tools, from drop-down menu you can select the following tools.

  • Active Directory Administrative Center.
  • Active Directory Domains and Trusts.
  • Active Directory Module for Windows Power shell.
  • Active Directory Sites and Services
  • Active Directory Users and Computers
  • ADSI Edit (carefully to change ADSI)
  • DNS 

Active Directory Users and Computers Console

here you can create object in Ad (Users/Groups/Computers/Accounts)


 We have successfully deployed Active Directory Domain services and DNS Role with basic steps, for complex deployments like multi-site deployment, Split-brain DNS syndrome please read Microsoft guidelines carefully before deploying in a production environment

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